Share your Essential Oils with STYLE. Use your Oils to the FULLEST. It's about TIME.

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Share your Essential Oils with STYLE. Use your Oils to the FULLEST. It's about TIME.

Style meets practicality and functionality in this collection of Business Builder Essential Oil Bags. Cleverly placed sleeves, crooks, and crannies to neatly hold all your cords, reference guides, diffuser, laptop, brochures and of course, lots of essential oils! Zippered compartments and clear sleeves keep reference materials dry and accessories organized, something you won't find in any other Essential Oil Bag.

Being professional means everything. How are you sharing your Essential Oils? Can a person tell you are an OILER? To open the COLD market, make your product visible and appealing. Let people ASK you and be ready to hand out information from an outside sleeve featured in all our bags. Access Oils or brochures quickly, especially while traveling or sharing Oils in a demonstration or class. Why put bottles in canvas bags or boxes where you can't see them? Show your oils, quickly access your oils, be ready to share your oils! Easy view, easy access, and easy travel with Essential Gear Business Builder Bags.

When COVID-19 hit, we experienced aromatherapy under a mask a real challenge. So, we designed the first ever Essential Oil Mask! We also added an Essential Oil Lightweight Wearable Fan and Essential Oil Watch. We're glad masks are ending but we quickly designed what was best for our OILER friends and families when they needed it most.Our Wearable Personal Diffusers can keep you aromatized in your own personal space without a traditional plug-in Essential Oil diffuser. Build your immune system and relieve stress during a time when it’s needed more than ever. 

 Essential il Diffuser Watch for Aromatherapy

Gear UP is our new men’s line of Diffuser Neckties. Each tie comes with a free matching mask, just in case; it’s almost over but stay safe. Perfect for weddings, job interviews or any special occasion. Comes in a ready-to-give gift box.  

You NEVER have a second chance to make a FIRST impression.
These bags ROCK! If you are trying to get your products to friends and family, these essential oil bags are perfect. High quality and cleverly designed for oilers. I own all of the Essential Gear bags and can't wait for the next design!
Karen Malone, Michigan
These bags are fantastic! I am over the moon with my new Essential oil CarryAll and Oil Ambry organizer. These are must-haves for all essential oil distributors.
Kathy Blake, Wisconsin
My wife is a big oiler and found this phenomenal wearable fan for me. It has 3 speeds and recharges, no batteries. You don't even remember you put it on, just keeps me cool. Great for grilling and walking. I rarely turn the light on but I did for my photo. My wife said she was glad she bought it for me, I'm little less crabby in the heat!
Roy Brostrom, Illinois

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