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Essential Oil Bags, Oil Organizers, Oil case, Oil Pouches, Oil Ambry, Essential Oil Mask, PPE

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Our warehouse has ultraviolet light running at night to kill COVID #staysafe

Men's mask with matching ties

Essential Gear Products started when the owner had a passion to share her Essential Oils with friends and family. Living a chemical free life was important for her, especially being a breast cancer survivor. She did not want anyone else to have to deal with a mastectomy and chemotherapy. Through genetic testing it was revealed her cancer was entirely due to environmental exposures. Essential Oils was a new life style solution. Experiencing a real struggle to organize & travel with her essential oils the Essential CarryAll & Oil Ambry were created.

When COVID-19 entered the United States, we designed the first ever Essential Oil Mask, Essential Oil Fan & Essential Oil Watch. Enabling you to use your oils to build your immunity and relieve stress. Just because you have a face covering you shouldn’t miss the important benefits of your olfactory senses for your mind & body. See our new men’s line Geared UP. Essential Oil Masks with matching shirt ties. You all have been asking for something for the men here it is!

Be Safe | Stay Cool | Use Essential Oils to the Fullest

You never have a second chance to make a first impression. Join our adventure and share your oils with style.