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Essential Gear Products started in the summertime of 2018. 

While enjoying my essential oils, I had a real struggle to organize and share my essential oils in something besides a canvas tote bag. All existing bags had dark pockets, no organizational features and certainly weren't airplane friendly, it was apparent a specialized bag was needed. I began designing essential oil bags with three important features:

  • Easy View
  • Easy Access
  • Easy Transport

Why the strong desire to share my Essential Oils? Living a chemical-free life is important to me, especially being a breast cancer survivor. Women are tired of all the chemicals we are exposed to in cleaning supplies, food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. Can I hear an AMEN?

After my mastectomy and chemotherapy, I made it a point to learn about carcinogen exposures and my DNA. To my surprise, genetic testing revealed the cancer was entirely due to environmental exposures, not hereditary factors. That’s when I began researching the science of oils and began benefiting from there little miracles. From offsetting headaches with peppermint, to diffusing lavender to sleep Essential Oils was my new lifestyle.

Our first product was the two-in-one Essential CarryAll with Oil Ambry, offering a stylish way to share and travel with essential oils, diffuser, laptop, tablet and oil books; everything has its place. The Oil Ambry organizes over 85+ essential oil bottles and hangs anywhere and folds neatly in the CarryAll.

When Covid-19 hit, it was apparent essential oils were very difficult to enjoy under a mask.  So, quickly we designed a new product line, Wearable Personal Diffusers! Offering the first ever Essential Oil Diffuser Masks, Essential Oil Watches, and lightweight wearable Diffuser Fans.



We knew our customers needed to continue building their immune system and to keep stress away by breathing essential oils during a difficult time.



Essential oilers now have bags designed specifically for them. All feature: Easy View | Easy Access | Easy Transport. Since then, we have developed other products featuring built-in diffusers: Masks, Fans & Watches. A new men's line has just been launched Gear UP. Masks with matching neck ties.

All of our products are of the highest quality and ship immediately from the USA.


Essential Gear Products - 100% Family Owned 😀


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