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Travel Tips for Smooth Sailing through the Airport

Are you ready? Simple tips for travel.

  • Sun protection: Sunglasses with UV are a must, they also work as a headband. Suntan Lotion - Do your research, lots of lotions contain harmful chemicals
  • Umbrella: Depending on where you are going, storms happen quickly
  • Color Combos: Pack dark or grey colors, add a scarf for color
  • Comfortable shoes: Remember they need to come off through TSA
  • Masks: We recommend 3 layer cotton with removeable 2.5PM carbon filters. Use a lanyard to keep it handy.
  • Breakfast Bars: Flights can be delayed, airport food is expensive
  • Jacket: Make sure it’s light enough to tie around your waist
  • Sanitizer Wipes or Spray: Wipe down all the areas around your seat in the airplane, wipe the tray, windo shade and the overhead light and fan. Leave fan on, it has been proven to keep germs away from your face.
  • Hotel Room: Clean all knobs and tv remote control in the hotel room. Do one round of water through the coffee maker before you use it.  
    • Remove comforter/ask for a clean one
  • Water bottle: Use a refillable bottle, empty bottles go through TSA, add water after security check
  • Documents: Copy of your passport & credit cards in the sole of your shoe
  • Rolling Essential CarryAll:   Best bag, hands down. Holds all the things you need for a 2 day stay or just for daily business needs. Fits under seat, TSA compliant. Includes the Ambry which holds all your cosmetics, toiletries, jewelry and essential oils.
  • Use Travel Bags that help you organize and see your items easily



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