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Summer Travel Tips

Are you ready for summer travel? Here are some helpful travel tips!

  • Bring Sunglasses: UV a must, they also work as a headband
  • Umbrella: Summertime storms happen quickly
  • Color Combos: Pack dark colors, add a scarf for color
  • Comfortable shoes: Duh!
  • Breakfast Bars: Eating can be delayed
  • Suntan Lotion: Do your research, lots of lotions contain harmful chemicals
  • Jacket: Make sure it’s light enough to tie around your waist
  • Sanitizer Wipes or Spray: wipe down all the areas around your seat in the airplane & clean all knobs and remote control in the hotel room. Do one round of water through the coffee maker before you use.  
    • Sanitizer recipe: 1 tablespoon coconut oil, 1 tablespoon vodka or rubbing alcohol, 15 drops thieves’ essential oil, 5 drops organic lavender oil, 5 drops organic lemon oil, 1-1/2 cups warm distilled water, ½ napkins and a plastic container. Add all ingredients to the very warm water so the coconut oil will melt and pour into container with ½ napkins.
  • Water bottle: Save our planet, use a refillable bottle
  • Documents: Copy of your passport & credit cards in the sole of your shoe
  • Bug Spray: Use organic essential oils, spray everywhere, avoid the eyes  
    • Bug spray: 4 oz spray bottle, 2 oz with hazel, 2 oz distilled water,10 drops geranium essential oil, 15 drops lavender oil, 5 drops patchouli oil, 10 drops lemongrass oil, and 15 drops citronella oil - shake well, safe for adults & kid

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